Cross-cultural Communication with International Instructors

How can we improve understanding and attitudes between students and their international TAs and instructors?

In this multi-site collaboration, we are trying various inter-group contact activities and accent familiarization training with college freshmen and international TAs to improve inter-cultural communication, attitudes, and mutual understanding. 



Student Corner

Data and materials:

  • Video of ESL instructors giving 5-minute introductory lectures.
  • Audio clips from the lectures (30-sec clips, single sentences). 
  • Intelligibility and first-impressions sureveys (pre/post-tests) in Qualtrics.
  • Inter-group contact activities.
  • Accent familiarization training materials.

Project ideas:

  • Compare outcomes of the various training tasks.
  • Find/create other audio samples of ESL speakers.
  • Create/lead iner-group contact activities in classrooms/workshops.